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Women often experience a variety of unique physical challenges throughout their lifespan.  Treatable women’s health conditions include incontinence, pelvic/vaginal pain, prenatal/postpartum conditions, osteoporosis, rehab following breast surgery, lymphedema, conditions specific to the female athlete, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Our initial Women’s Health Program will focus on incontinence issues, as well as fibromyalgia, and pelvic/vaginal pain. The program will expand to address the other areas of Women’s health as the practice grows.


This includes treatment of acute (new) and chronic (lingering) muscle and joint conditions ranging from neck and back, hip and knee pain, to tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis.

We evaluate the entire body, as well as the painful area, in order to get a baseline for a more complete intervention strategy. Treatment will be systematic with the use of manual (hands on) techniques and specific exercises to address any limitations identified during the evaluation. The treatment will be customized to meet each clients personal goals.


Trigger Point Dry Needling incorporates the use of fine, monofilament needles similar to those used in acupuncture in order to promote optimal muscle function. It has been proven to improve micro-circulation in muscles, decrease spontaneous electrical activity (SEA), and decrease pain. It is useful for the treatment of painful muscle conditions and is becoming more popular with professional athletes for performance enhancement. Impact Physio is proud to be one of the only providers in the area to offer Trigger Point Dry Needling.


In order to meet the performance needs of our clients, we are offering the following services:

Run Lab at Impact Physio – We have combined a biomechanics evaluation with video analysis into a comprehensive assessment for runners. Information from the assessment will be used to create a structured program for improving performance and reducing the risk for injury. Whether you are just beginning to run or you are a competitive runner, we can tailor a program to meet your needs.

Functional Dry Needling and Cupping – Improve performance with cutting edge interventions. Call for details!

Fascial Movement Taping – Kinesiology taping with an emphasis on functional patterns and made popular by Crossfit competitors. Impact Physio has a  Rock Tape Level 2 certified practitioner.

Functional Movement Screen –  This screen will identify faulty movement patterns and potential for injuries. We will instruct you in corrective strategies to restore normal movement and decrease injury risk.

Y-Balance Test – An additional test used to determine asymmetries not identified by the FMS.

TRX Small Group Training – All participants will receive a Functional Movement Screen and corrective exercises in an one-on-one session. Classes will include a warm-up tailored to each participant followed by challenging TRX exercises that can be modified for any age or ability level. Group classes will be limited to 6 participants.

Please let us know if there is a service that you would like us to provide.

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