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The purpose of this business venture is to be able to provide the care that patients deserve. All too often, patients are exposed to Physical Therapy in an environment where they do not get individualized care, and may even be treated by multiple therapists, assistants, and aides. The clinics are often so busy that the patients receive the same treatment and perform the same exercises at every visit.

We believe that patients deserve more, and we want to start a movement to redefine Physical Therapy in the eyes of our prospective patients, referral sources and the community. We want to promote Physical Therapy as the first choice for musculoskeletal injuries, but we also want to set ourselves apart from the crowd. All Physical Therapy is not equal and we strive to be the best!

We are never satisfied with the status quo and are continuously striving for improvement. We are committed to learning new techniques, and providing treatments that are supported by evidence in the literature. We view each client experience at impact PHYSIO as an opportunity to create engaged customers and a network of enthusiastic supporters. We seek to enrich the lives of EVERYONE we interact with!

We have decided to value purpose over profit. Our business model is one that emphasizes quality treatment and patient results. We are in a market where there are many other competing Physical Therapy practices. Some have been in existence for a long time, and others are owned by large companies or by referral sources with a financial interest in the success of the clinic. We believe that we can be successful by providing quality services that are not available through our competitors.

Our initial operation will be rather simple. We will offer Women’s Health Physical Therapy, and Orthopedic Physical Therapy. As we grow, it is our desire to offer performance and wellness programs deigned to address the individual needs and desires of our clients. We plan to create a network with local physicians, fitness professionals and enthusiasts, nutritionists and psychologists in order to promote an integrated approach to health.

In addition to the financial success of our company, we are committed to becoming an advocate for the community. We plan to be involved in volunteer and charity endeavors that benefit the local community.

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