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Steamtown Marathon: Last Post Before the Race

Thursday: Geoff taped my ankle and I attmepted to run in my Skora's (bad idea!). I had some ankle joint pain from the start and decided to take the tape off (worse idea). I only went for 1/2 mile with a pace of 9:23. Vertical oscillation was 9.73 cm and grond contact time was 51.4% (L) and 48.6% (R); not nearly as good as barefoot on the treadmill. 

Friday: NEPA Fit Club. An easy workout comprised mostly of movement prep and stability. Max HR of 139 with an average of 97 bpm.

     Starter: 3 Rounds of supine (on your back) cross-crawling x 8 reps each side, alternate arm/leg lift from a baby bear crawling position x 10 eaxh side and standing cross-crawl x 8 reps each side. 

     Next: 3 Rounds of lateral lunge with 18 pound goblet x 5 each side alternating with hip abductor rocking from quadruped x 8 each side.

     Middle: 3 Rounds of prone (on your back) isometric hip abduction with extension x 8 reps each side, push-ups with one leg elevated x 6 each leg, and alternating grip pull-ups x 4 each way. 

     Finisher: 4 Rounds of asymmetrical farmer's carry (70 pounds one arm and 39 pounds in the other) while marching for 20 yards each side.

Saturday: 16 minutes on the spinning bike with an average HR of 103 bpm. Mobility drills and stretching in the morning and evening. 

Well, tomorrow is the big day. No more training, but there will likely be way more whining! Next up... Recovery.