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Steamtown Marathon: Race Day Recap

The Big Day...

5:00 am: Wake up alarm. Quick shower to wake up. Ate a banana and Stroup Waffle.

5:30 am: At the office for pre-race preparation. Some foam rolling and muscle activation followed by Geoff taping my right ankle. 

6:15 am: Teresa picked us up and drove to the start at Forest City High School.

7:00 am: We are at the school and just waiting for the start.

7:50 am: Getting in line to start. I lined up with Geoff despite the fact that I was not planning to run at that pace.

8:00 am: The cannon goes off and the race begins.

I won't bore you with the play-by-play, but rather summarize the highlights (and lowlights). I definitely started too fast despite the fact that I knew that was a bad idea. I averaged 10:04 for the first 10 miles which was 30 seconds per mile faster than I wanted. I had some right achilles soreness for the first 10 miles or so, but that dissipated after that point. 

By mile 12, I started to sprinkle in some walking and my pace increased gradually from that point.

By the half-way-point, I was having left ankle pain.

By mile 18, I did not think there was any way that I was goint to finish. 

Aparently some people go through different emotional responses during a marathon. Some people get angry (Geoff). I wanted to cry starting at mile 20 (and not from the pain). 

By mile 24, it hurt more to walk than it did to run and it hurt more to run slow than it did to run fast (fast is a relative term and I'm sure no one would have accused me of running fast at any point today). I just could not maintain running fast for more than a few blocks. 

I finished the race in 5:04. My garmin indicated that I covered 26.44 miles rather than 26.2. Apparently when you don't run in a straight line, you cover extra distance. No wonder why it took so long!

In all honesty, the worst part of the day was walking to the car. That was the most painful 4 blocks of my life!

The rest of the day was not as bad. Sitting for the ride home. A shower. Some recovery work at the office. Then off to Coopers for a beer and a little food. 

8:15 pm: Asleep!

Stay tuned for the recovery period and "what I learned from doing a marathon".