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Steamtown Marathon Training: Midweek Update

LAST week of preparation!

Monday: I performed self mobility drills in the morning and evening. On a more important note, I saw Dr Tunis in the morning to determine if running the marathon would result in serious damage to my achilles. The verdict... "suck it up, buttercup". Radiographs (X-rays) indicated a bone spur on the front of my ankle (not related to my pain). Ultrasound imaging indicated degenerative changes to my achilles but no evidence of a potential tear. 

Tuesday: Geoff applied 3 pounds of tape to my ankle and foot. I went for a 2.3 mile run in the New Balance with the orthotics and tape. Average Pace was 9.37. Average HR was 151 bpm. Average cadence was 169 spm. Average vertical oscillation was 9.71 cm. Average ground contact time balance was 51.3% LEFT and 48.7% RIGHT. There was no significant pain with the tape on but the vertical oscillation and Left/Right balance were not nearly as good as when I was barefoot. I also had moderate soreness later in the day. 

Wednesday: NEPA Fit Club

     Starter: 4 rounds of Backward bear crawls with 40 pounds alternating with 3 get-ups (only to the windmill position) on each side with 5 rocks on the third repetition with a 30-pound kettlebell.

     Finisher: 3 rounds of lunging snatches x 3each side, lateral lunges x 2each side and reverse lunges with overhead press x 2 each side with 22-pound kettlebell alternating with 12 yoga push-ups. 

The one benefit to this achilles pain is that I do not feel run down or exhausted!