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Steamtown Marathon Training: Week 3

Well, I am a week behind getting this out. Unfortunately (or fortunately from my perspective), it is not because I have been spending all of my extra time running. Here is a summary of my week 3:

Monday: Recovery


Tuesday: The gym at the Y is closed due to water damage. Hamstring does not feel well enough for 400 meter intervals. I opted for intervals on the spinning bike.  Five 2:00 sprints for a total of 19 minutes. Ave HR 129 bpm,  and Max HR 157 bpm.


Wednesday: Strength training at NEPA Fit Club. Ave HR 126 bpm; Max HR 163 bpm


Thursday: Hill intervals by my house… hills are TERRIBLE! Three sprints up with a walk down until HR reached recovery rate. Hamstring still does not feel great. Total time 13 minutes; total distance 1 mile; Ave HR 136 bpm, Max HR 164 bpm


Friday: The gym at the Y is still closed…rest day.


Saturday: Strength training at NEPA Fit Club.  Ave HR 138 bpm,  Max HR 169 bpm.


Sunday: Supposed to do a 4-mile time trial but drank too much on Saturday…run will have to wait until tomorrow.


Monday: 4-mile time trial. Time: 44 minutes with an average pace of 10:57, Ave HR 149 bpm, Max HR 168 bpm, Ave Cadence 166 spm, Ave Vertical Oscillation 9.71 cm.  Once again, not great numbers but I felt good during the run.

Geoff has already run 14 miles and I am a little concerned with my lack of distance but I will stick with the plan. Things start to ramp up next week.