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Steamtown Marathon Training: Week 4

Tuesday: The gym at the Y is now open, so basketball it is. Total distance was 2.64 miles. Ave HR 141 bpm,  max HR 180 bpm. Hamstring feels pretty good.


Wednesday: Strength training at NEPA Fit Club. Ave HR 117 bpm,  Max HR 161 bpm.


Thursday: Intervals at the track. Once again messed up with my programming of the Garmin. Did two 1,000-meter “sprints” and one 400-meter “sprint”. Was supposed to do 3-4 at 1,000 meters but I was gassed. Ave HR 149 with Max HR of 181 bpm.


Friday: Back at the Y for basketball. Forgot to start the Garmin for the first game. Total distance was 1.7 miles for the remaining games with an Ave HR 153 bpm and Max HR 182 bpm.


Saturday: Strength training at NEPA Fit Club.  Ave HR 126 bpm and Max HR 162 bpm.  Performed Wall planks with alternating march and 3 second isometrics x 3 sets of 4 on each foot, sled pushes at 255 pounds for 40 seconds with 3:30 rest x 3,  double kettlebell deadlift  (70 pounds each) with a 2 second hover at the bottom  x 4 sets of 5 alternating with kneeling TRX fall-outs x 8,  lunges with a see-saw press with 35 pounds x 4 sets of 4 each leg alternating with standing Paloff Press x 30 second hold each side, and finishing with 53 pound kettlebell swings x 3 reps every 12 seconds for a total of 15 minutes.


Sunday: 10K time trial. Time: 1:05:27, Ave HR 152 bpm, Max HR 166 bpm, Ave Cadence 168 spm, Ave Vertical Oscillation 9.75 cm. Once again, not great numbers. I didn’t feel too bad physically but definitely had some wardrobe malfunctions. I wore the Altra’s for this run and had blisters on both arches after about 4 miles. I also wore a pair of compression shorts with a seam in an inopportune place and causing irritation after about 2 miles.

4 weeks in the books. Hard to imagine that there are only 9 weeks to go. The distance really starts to ramp up now with a jump from 6.2 to 10, which has me a little concerned. Overall, though, I feel pretty good. My hamstring is improving and my strength is definitely increasing. I need to start thinking more about nutrition and recovery in order to keep progressing.

Have a great week and I will try to do the same!