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Steamtown Marathon Training: Week 8

Week 8 summary: I am getting a little worried. Most people have completed 18-21 mile runs and I have no gotten past 9.5 miles. I was not capable of finishing my long run last week and did very little running this week. I guess this will be a lot like school (and work)....procrastinate, then cram!!!

Monday: Recovery = Cupping my right calf, Rock Tape application to my right calf, and dynamic mobility drills.


Tuesday: NEPA Fit Club.

            Starter (I was mostly finished by the end!): Sled push outside in the parking lot, alternating intervals of walking and sprinting (see image below). I started with 165 pounds but dropped to 125 pounds after the 3rd sprint.

            Strength: Four rounds of single kettlebell strict press at 48 pounds x 6 each side, alternating with single leg deadlift with a row at the bottom at 48 pounds x 8 reps each side.

            Finisher: I’m not sure what Mike had in mind, but I was running late for work and didn’t stay to find out.


Wednesday: NEPA Fit Club (can’t beat 2 days in a row!)

            Starter: 3 sets of 6-pound medicine ball slam complex – Single leg overhead slam and rotational slam x 6 each side and double leg overhead slam and rotational slams x 6 each side.

            Strength: Deadlift with the trap bar (I did not do a good job of following directions so the workout was slightly different than intended.) 305 pounds for 4 sets of 5 reps, 315 pounds for one set of 3 reps and 335 pounds for 1 set of 2 reps.

            Mike’s Special: see Video for demonstration. 3 sets of 6 on each leg.

            Finisher: 3 sets of Paloff press from a hinge position x 5 each side alternating with single arm kettlebell swings with 44 pounds x 15 each arm.

Wednesday Night: Sneakers were supposed to arrive, but they are not here!


Thursday: I did some walking with the occlusion cuffs (blood flow restriction), and ankle mobility drills. My calf seems to be okay. Sneakers arrived and I took some video running with each on the treadmill.


Friday: Attempted a run in the Asics. They were the sneakers that looked best in the video last night. Made it .84 miles before the onset of calf pain. Average pace 8:34 (WAY TOO FAST, but felt good). Average HR 149. Average Cadence 173 spm. Average Vertical Oscillation 9.79 cm and Average Ground Contact Time 51.4% Left and 48.6% Right. Immediately followed with dry needling, cupping and stretching. Back to the drawing board. (It's probably the runner and not the shoes!)

Saturday: Mobility drills. Barefoot, foot intrinsic exercises. Running form drills

Sunday: More mobility drills, foot intrisic strengthening, running form drills. Some brief running on the treadmill with an emphsis on form and cadence. Finished the day with a hot bath with Epsom salts.