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Steamtown Marathon: What I Learned

If I had to sum up my marathon experience with one word, it would be "Humbling". 

There was a ton of support from organizers, volunteers, and fans along the way. There were a lot of runners who worked really hard to prepare and complete the race. Most made it, but some did not. I was lucky.

I do not know if I will ever run again. It is not something that is a passion of mine and my body is not well designed for long distances. BUT, there is someting in the back (very far back) of my head that says "I could have done a better job". I do know that the future me will do a better job of following the advise of others, at least I should. I will also do a better job of sticking with a plan for the race and follow a pacing group. 

Life is not perfect. My training was not ideal. My physical condition on race day was not ideal. None of that matters. We can not control our environment or the circumstances of our lives. All we can do is make up our minds to do the best with what we have. Obstacles are everywhere and we have to choose whether we will use them as an excuse or as motivation to overcome.

All of the members of Individual Abilities in Motion have had life altering events that many of us would term as unfair. They face physical challenges that test them on a daily bassis and have decided to make the best of their situations. No one would fault them for "giving up" but they come together as a community to support each other and thrive. The marathon was EASY compared to the obstacles they overcome!